Tuesday, 20 July 2010

She's Got The Look

For those of you that don't know Lookbook.nu, it's a website with impossibly beautiful women (and men for that matter) flaunting their fashionable wares. Some find it enthralling, some self-obsessed, but I look at it as a source of inspiration. All too often I'll be walking down the street, see someone with a great outfit on and immediately want to run after them and ask where they got it. With Lookbook, that is a thing of the past, as users also put up where they got each item from. Sometimes it's not possible to get the piece you might want, but it's also a great way to form ideas from your own wardrobe, which is what I shall be doing with some of my favourite looks today:

LOOKBOOK.nu: "Streets of Norrköping" by Ebba Zingmark - Jacket H&M

I love the mix of preppy and geek chic in this outfit. I'd probably recreate it myself with my navy boyfriend blazer, red pashmina (which I use as a scarf), thick socks and this Topshop rock t-shirt dress:

I bought it for the festival season, but I think the straight shape and soft jersey feel would be a cool replacement for Ebba's grey dress.

Monki Wedges, H&M Flower Skirt, Viviennewestwood Accessory, Pretty Vacant Who's a Pretty Boy? // "Let's crash that Party ♪" by Mio Babylove // LOOKBOOK.nu

If I could only wear one outfit in my life, it would probably be something like this. I have a skirt like that, I have big boots and ripped tights and I have my own handpainted t shirts with writing on them. I even have my beloved leather jacket, although I think I'd trade in Old Faithful for the beautiful jacket Mio is sporting. The lapels, studs and buttons are just fantastic.

LOOKBOOK.nu: "There's some sweetness going around." by Coury Combs - Vintage Clogs, H&M Peter Pan Jacket, Urbanoutfitters Ruffled Shorts

This is just cute with a capital C. I adore the blue peter pan jacket and would probably try and create a similar effect with an oversized denim shirt. I adore the vintage clogs, although I probably walk like a prat in them, so I'd stick to Urban Outfitters clogs, which have a handy strap at the back. Weirdly, I have an alarmingly similar top to Coury's (I suspect she also got hers from Urban Outfitters), although mine has this 'Alice's Adventures in Wonderland' illustration on it:

Buy your own for £28!

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