Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Sheffield Summer Vintage Fair

I've just got back from Sheffield's summer vintage fair and boy is that place like Disneyland for me! Gorgeous vintage dresses, tops, hats, shoes and bags everywhere you look, throngs of well-dressed people and a stall selling tea and cupcakes - you can't go wrong.

As much as I wanted to stay in there all day, I also didn't want to drag my boyfriend around for too long, as sadly the menswear section wasn't particularly big (he's also quite a skinny man, so finds it really hard to find vintage clothes that fit him). With that in mind, I narrowed my (potentially millions of) purchases to two tops. One is a loose, dusky pink blouse in a pussybow style and the other is a white sweater in the style of a polo neck. They're both so gorgeous and I have absolutely no idea which one to wear to the street party tonight. Decisions, decisions...maybe I'll muse it over one of the fair's Fancie Cupcakes.

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