Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Thank God I brought the 'A-Z'...

It's just an old war,
Not even a cold war.
Don't say it Russian,
Don't say it in German,
Say it in broken English.
Marianne Faithfull - 'Broken English'

So this entry is a slightly ranty one, inspired by something that happened yesterday. After lectures, I decided to catch the bus home as opposed to my usual walk, as my brand new (BEAUTIFUL) brogues were hurting. Hopping on, I said, as I often do if I catch the bus home, 'Platt Lane please'.

'Where?' asked the bus driver, thinking he simply hadn't heard me I repeated my initial statement. This stunning bit of dialogue ensued.

Me - Platt Lane, please.
Bus driver - Where?
Me - ...Platt Lane...please?
Bus driver - Where?!

Seeing my confused face, he explained he didn't even know where Platt Lane was, I explained it was in Rusholme and he told me the price and took my money - all the while looking at me like I was a blithering idiot! Now, I may have my extremely ditzy moments, but I have two problems with being regarded as completely stupid (apart from the obvious fact that I'm not):

1) The bus driver was just as at fault for repeating himself as I was. He could have said way before that he wasn't familiar with Platt Lane, rather than leaving me thinking he had some sort of hearing problem.
2) I have been living in Manchester for about two years now. The area I'm living in at the moment has been my home since September. Never in that length of time have I had to explain to a bus or taxi driver where Platt Lane was. It was slightly baffling that someone who gets people to their desired destination for a living didn't know where my desired destination was. I've had the exact same problem with taxis back in Sheffield, where I'm from. I don't live in a particularly obscure, out of the way area and yet after a night out, I've had a few occasions where I've hopped into a taxi and this has happened:

Me - (My house), please.
Driver - Where's that? You'll have to give me directions.

Given that I generally only get taxis at 3 in the morning, often after having a few alcoholic beverages, am I going to be in the right frame of mind to give directions? I struggle enough when sober, even if I know the area very well. Maybe that's my own stupid fault, but I think if you're being paid to take people where they want to go, you should have a vague idea where they want to go. If not, you should be equipped with some sort of sat-nav.

Okay, so it didn't massively affect or upset me. I certainly wasn't tossing and turning all night, thinking about it. It was just pretty irksome. Back to another light, yet less ranty topic about music. I've started listening to albums a lot more recently. Normally, I put a playlist on shuffle and just go with it, or if someone's reccommended a band to me, I'll have their songs on shuffle. However, last night I got an urge to listen to 'Alas, I Cannot Swim' by Laura Marling in chronological order, which I haven't done since I first heard the album. It made me realise how some albums are even better when you hear how all the songs flow together. Obviously, a lot of effort was made to make the album the way it was, so I really enjoyed listening to it properly. Anyway, this morning I did the same thing with Radiohead's 'The Bends' and felt the need to post the link to the music video of this little beauty:

Everything about this is just amazing to me. The concept of the video is so off-the-wall that it makes me want to watch it over and over. What impresses me as much as its originality is the band's performance. There's so much energy from every member that it's just captivating.

I have to leave the comfort and safety of the University library now to go flat hunting with Zoey. At least it's stopped snowing today. I woke up and it was so sunny that I didn't bother putting on a coat and then there was a full-blown blizzard which was making me dread having to go outside again!

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  1. i love that video. this one too:

    we had a lecture earlier this year given by the guy that made it. winnerrrrr x